Confronting racism

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My poster won 2nd place in the Halton Regional Police Bullying Awareness Campaign 2012, “Give respect, Get Respect.”

Its main message is that we may all look different, but we are all the same on the inside. I included four green apples and one red apple for visual effect.

I drew inspiration from my personal experience of racism. I came to Canada from Korea when I was in sixth grade. Adjusting to my new life wasn’t easy; I did not make any Canadian friends until I reached 7th grade. And a traumatic school trip made matters worse.

I had been excited about the trip to Quebec and looked forward to forging new friendships. While on the bus, however, some of my classmates started throwing garbage at me and another girl, who was also Asian. That wasn’t all.  Once we got to the cottage, some girls spread dirty rumours about us. I confronted them about it – much to their amazement.

After the trip I told my family about what had happened, which left them angry and frustrated because they didn’t expect me to go through discrimination at such a young age.

Today, I can say that I’m more settled and can count a number of very good Canadian friends.

I was fortunate to have this opportunity to share my experience through the poster and to make people more aware of racism.

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  • October 30, 2013


    I just took a Personality Quiz test to check if I am a racist and
    the results was:You don’t care about race. A person is a person and you judge people based on the individual. You have friends of all kinds of races, but you’ll probably marry your own race. You’re not averse to any particular race though.
    Suggestion: Live and Let Live
    Similar Personalities: Sammy Davis Jr., Bill Clinton, Bruce Lee

    My parents if they are still around will be very proud of me!!!