Prayer for our beloved motherland

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Guiuan Typhoon Haiyan

A Guiuan woman stands outside of her makeshift shack in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Photo by: LIAM KENNEDY, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Prayer for Our Beloved Motherland (Panalangin para sa Bayang Mahal)


Halika aking mamamayan, tunghayan

Ang kalunoslunos na sinapit at hagupit

Langgasan ang mga sugat na likhang danas

Na kanilang tiniis , buong giting at pagharap.


Come, my people, and raise up your voice in prayer

Cover now with your eyes

Their eyes, their faces stained and whipped by winds

Their lives trembling fast like helpless birds within

The piteous hands of sorrow

Gently peel the scars of the suffering

They patiently bore, with faith, with courage


Ngunit tayo’y mga puso ding nagmamahal

Lilikumin natin ang santuwaryo ng kanilang alaala

Upang payapain ang kanilang panimdim

Ihatid sa hantungan ng mapagkalingang Bathala!


In our hearts, our ancestors left a love so fierce

With it we may gather sanctuaries from their remembered images

And smoothen their sadness into peaceful waves

Bring them to the place of the blessing gods


Aming dasal ay pangako sa aming mga kapatid

Kapayapaang walang hanggan, panata at pag-ibig

Gabayan kayo ni Bathala sa paraisong talaga

Humayo, humayo nang payapa, nang payapa!


Our prayers grow a branch, a promise to all sisters and brothers

Of endless peace to come, an oath of love!

As the gods fare you deep into paradise

Fare you well in peace, fare you well, in peace!


Lui Queano/ Petronila Cleto are Filipino-Canadian poets/writers/cultural workers based in Toronto. 

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