Trails of Indochina

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Pictures of South East Asia from Janis Brod on Vimeo.

An enchanting, almost meditative video that vividly captures the people, sounds and sights of rural and urban Indochina.

In a world so enamoured, yet exhausted, with the “instant” — news stories, photographs, videos and experiences — it feels good to reconnect with real life. We see young boys going for a snorkel in the river (with only their worn goggles, bamboo baskets and infectious exuberance in tow; no selfie sticks or GoPro accessories here), a fisherman patiently casting a net, a woman farmer thrashing rice stalks in the field, monks lining up to receive donations of rice for lunch…

The strength of this video is that it’s far from being just another romantic/nostalgic view of Asia (i.e. exotic, unknowable). It captures its kindness and its aloofness, its sometimes infuriating/sometimes amusing chaos, its beauty and ugliness (i.e. pollution).

Warning: This video will make you want to jump on the next plane to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

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