A gem of Taiwanese animation

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Travelling Through Brush and Ink | National Palace Museum Taiwan 筆墨行旅 | 台灣故宮 逐格動畫 from annlinchao on Vimeo.
Simple yet spellbinding, Travelling Through Brush and Ink, is described by its filmmakers as “a stop-motion animation of a little modern man travelling through four significant ancient Chinese paintings, transforming himself into animals and plants, and [he] becomes part of nature.”

Using the original paintings as visual guide, the filmmakers built the sets and the animated character “frame by frame,” and the result is spectacular. It’s no wonder the film won the Gold and Bronze Remi awards in the film/video art and animation categories, respectively, at the 2017 WorldFest Houston International Independent Film Festival.

Produced by the National Palace Museum Taiwan, the film features the following paintings: Travellers Among Mountains and Streams (by Fan Kuan, Song dynasty), Emperor Minhuang’s Journey to Shu (Anonymous, Tang dynasty), Ancient Temple in Mountain Pass (Jia Shigu, Song dynasty) and Autumn colors on the Chiao and Hua Mountains (Chano Meng-fu, Yuan dynasty).

If you’re wondering how the film was made, look no further:

Travelling Through Brush and Ink | Making of 筆墨行旅 | 幕後特輯 from annlinchao on Vimeo.

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