‘Walk gently on the land’

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An hour at Trillium Park/William G. Davis Trail, Toronto’s newest urban park, located at Ontario Place, can be pretty restorative.

What was once a dreary parking lot is now 7.5 acres of spectacular, green open space right beside Toronto’s waterfront.

“The design is inspired by Ontario landscapes and is the culmination of discussions with people from across Ontario, including the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation,” according to the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

Quick facts (Sources: Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, City News)

  • The trail is named in honour of William “Bill” Davis, then premier, when Ontario Place opened in 1971. 
  •  “Three marker trees – a traditional First Nations’ way of navigation – are planted along the trail to guide and direct visitors on their journey through the park towards the summit.”
  • Visitors enter the park through the “Ravine,”  slabs of Canadian Shield, developed  with the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. Look out for the Moccasin Identifier on the walls, a” visual reminder to recognize and honour the past.”
  • You can hold bonfires at the fire pit, which is nestled along the water’s edge. Just make sure to put the fire out when you leave!
  • The park was opened five years after Ontario Place was shut down because of poor admissions

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