Ice Breakers in Toronto

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Get rid of cabin fever this winter and head out to Toronto’s Waterfront where you can enjoy five interactive art installations for free.

Cozy up to a giant red bear reclining in the snow or make lovely music with giant wind chimes by the lake — the choice is yours.

The installations are part of the second annual Ice Breakers exhibition presented by  The Waterfront BIA, in partnership with Ports Toronto.

Ice Breakers features the winning entries to the competition that urged artists to depict the theme, Constellation and to break the ice with visitors to the waterfront using interactivity, colour and humour.

Ice Breakers runs until February 25, 2018.

Through the Eyes of the Bear, by Tanya Goertzen (Calgary)
Photo: The Origami

Tanya Goertzen’s installation, Through the Eyes of the Bear, is “Inspired by Ursa Major or the Great Bear constellation. “It is constructed using renewable, recyclable and compostable materials,” according to the Waterfront BIA. “This installation asks current and future generations what our human role is in the stewardship of the planet, and how resource management and development affect species survival and, in turn, ours. Its playful form, warm materials and cozy interior invite people inside, to imagine themselves as a bear playing, and to see the world through the eyes of the bear.”
Photo: The Origami


Winter Fanfare, by Thena Tak (Vancouver) describes her installation as “a series of rotating fan-sculptures that collectively form a circulation playscape for winter exploration.”
Photo: The Origami

Ensemble, by João Araújo Sousa and Joana Correia Silva (Porto, Portugal) features a giant installation inspired by wind chimes.
Photo: The Origami

Black Bamboo by Bennet Marburger and Ji Zhang (Hangzhou Shi, China). Photo: @ninathecuddlebug/Instagram

Root Cabin, by Liz Wreford and Peter Sampson (Winnipeg). Photo: @_annie.chang_/Instagram

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