Asian fruits you must try

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Photo: Agricultural Research Service/USDA

Carambola/Starfruit. Native to India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Photo: SMasters/Wikimedia Commons

Persimmon. Native to China, it later spread to Korea and Japan; now grown in California. Photo: Angelo De Santis/Wikimedia Commons

Rambutan. Native to Malaysia and cultivated throughout Southeast Asia. Photo: Whaldener Endo/Wikimedia Commons

Sugar apple is native to the West Indies and tropical America, and also grown in India, the Philippines and Australia, where it is known as custard apple.   Photo: Muhammad Mahdi Karim/Wikimedia Commons

Mangosteen is believed to have originated in the Malay archipelago and is now grown throughout Southeast Asia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Longan, also called the “Dragon’s Eye,” is native to Southeast Asia. Photo: Dezidor

Santol, a tropical fruit said to have originated from Indochina and Malaysia. It is grown in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, and Borneo.  Photo: Steve/Wikimedia Commons

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