Hong Kong In Pictures

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By the Numbers 

Hong Kong area in square km : 1,104

Number of outlying islands : 200 

Population in 2018 : 7.437 million  

Density of people per square km: 6,300

Majority of population: 92 per cent Han Chinese 

Non-Chinese people living in Hong Kong: 584,383  or about 8 per cent of the population

Average living space for Hong Kong’s poorest residents: 50 square feet

Average price of a combo meal in fast food restaurants: 37 Hong Kong dollars ($Cdn 6.14)

Sources: Discover Hong Kong, Worldometers, Census and Statistics Department Hong Kong, tradingeconomics.com, South China Morning Post, Expatistan

Photo: Steven Wei/Unsplash

Photo: Joel Fulgencio/Unsplash

Photo: Jason Cooper/Unsplash

Photo: Hei Lau

Photo: Tiplada Mekvisan/Unsplash

Photo: James Connolly/Unsplash

Photo: Far Far/Unsplash

Photo: Dan Freeman/Unsplash

Photo: Alice/Unsplash

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